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Sacco Group

Sacco welcomes you to the San Giovanni area with a new cookery project.
offers pizza and other dishes: you can enjoy your meal at the restaurant or have it delivered to your home,
cafeteria, restaurant and cocktail bar…. all day long!

Ristorante Pizzeria

Open for Lunch and Dinner: Italian cuisine, burger and pizza.
Delivery service available.

Sacco Ristorante Delivery Delivery within 5 km

Map to Sacco Restaurant
Around the corner from the church of San Giovanni,
SACCO RISTORANTE E PIZZA provides a full and varied selection of foods: from traditional recipes to long-rise pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Buffet lunch is available during week days with a set menu.
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Sacco Restaurant

Viale Amelia, 77 - 00181 Roma
Tel +39 06 7808007
Sacco Ristorante Delivery Delivery within 5 km

Bistrot & Cocktail

Open All Day Long: breakfast with artisanal croissants, lunch, happy hour, dinner and cocktail bar.

Map to Sacco Bistrot
In the heart of the San Giovanni neighbourhood,
SACCO BISTROT & COCKTAIL is a vintage multifunctional venue open from 7 am to late at night: home-made pastries fror breakfast, cafeteria, lunch with special menus, tea and cookies in the afternoon, cheese and prosciutto, dinner and coktail bar to top up the night.
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Sacco Bistrot & Cocktail Bar

Via Gallia, 70 - 00183 Roma
Tel +39 06 70496176